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Matt Downey

Building a creative business worth people's time, money, and attention is hard.

Maybe you're just starting and haven't found traction. Or maybe you're trying to scale your existing business but keep coming up short.

For many agency owners and freelancers, finding reliable answers to questions about onboarding new clients, pricing profitably, dealing with competition, and building a reputation can be challenging.

That's where I come in.

When you join Build Your Bridge, you'll have complete access to the insights I gained while founding and operating my award-winning agency.

I'll teach you how to find better clients, productize your services, build value through reputation, and generate more income in less time.

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Matt Downey

Matt Downey Founder, Build Your Bridge

Aarron Walter

"Most founders bring few original ideas to the table. That's not Matt's gig. He has creative vision and the chops to support it. He's going to kill it. Every. Time."

Aarron Walter Author of Designing for Emotion
Founded UX at Mailchimp

Yvonne Hangsterfer

"Matt provides answers to the many design and business questions that have been bugging me since time began. Thank you, Matt, for all that you do."

Yvonne Hangsterfer Founder & Lead Designer

Aarron Walter

"Matt is one of those rare creators that can turn even the most mundane into something beautiful and effective."

Dave Greiner Founder
Campaign Monitor

Marcos Armenta

"As an aspiring freelance creative, Matt's newsletter has helped with insight and expertise. I look forward to reading his email every week."

Marcos Armenta Founder & Creative Director
RVNW Studios

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