Emerging trends for agency owners and freelancers

There’s a lot of talk amongst agency owners and freelancers about “the industry changing”. And truth be told, it is.

Clients are tapped in like never before — and your relationship with them is more complex today than it has been in years past.

But remember: that’s a good thing. That means more people invested in new ways to work, new problems to solve, and more ways to diversify your services.

Here are some emerging trends that agency owners and freelancers need to get familiar with.


More clients are looking for not just “digital-first” services but “digital-only” services.

This means that most of your clients and revenues now come from strictly online services — no phone, no in-person meetings, nothing. You need to get comfortable navigating your company through an ever-changing “digital-only” world.

For introverts, this could be ideal. For extroverts, this could be frustrating. Either way, setting clear communication and expectations will help everyone get what they want or need from this type of working relationship.

In-house collaboration

Creative teams are prioritized in-house now, but sometimes they need a fresh perspective on a new initiative they’re working on. Agency owners are finding that collaborative services are now more in demand.

This is good because it opens up another potential revenue stream. But unfortunately, working independently and within the parameters of in-house teams is something many creatives haven’t mastered yet.

Work on honing your collaborative skills while becoming a trusted asset for the client you’re serving. Word will travel, and you could find yourself picking up new clients that want to work this way.

Non-linear services

As mentioned in both sections above, clients are asking for more these days. You must ensure you’re positioned to go beyond the basics and offer them something unique and special.

Clients are savvy and plugged into trends like never before — you might need to look to bring in contracted talent or pitch bleeding-edge tech, processes, or services to stand out from the crowd.

Things are changing, and that’s okay.

As creative agency owners, part of your job is to ensure you’re continuing to grow your skill set to keep up with market demands and client needs.

As they say, change is the only constant in life. Adaptation is the key to longevity — stay flexible to changes, and it will serve your business well.

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