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This week I stumbled upon a year-old article from Gumroad founder, Sahil Lavingia, talking about the company's structure.

I've been fascinated with Gumroad for a while, ever since they went from startup darling to a "failed" company in a few years.

This article from a year ago is a staunch reminder that even if the business you set out to build "fails," all is not lost. The path to success is long and winding — and sometimes, you need to look defeat in the eye to realize what's truly important.

It's a great read and, ultimately, an even better reminder that where you are now isn't necessarily where you'll end up.

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If everyone can be a designer, what does that mean for design?

Technology is changing what it means to be a designer. In the next decade, designers will need a conscious, thoughtful application of empathy, strategy, communication, and management of the technology itself, all through a lens of creativity. These are the skills that cannot be automated.

In memory of Colin Forbes, celebrated co-founder of Pentagram

The acclaimed designer has passed away at age 94. Pentagram partner Michael Gericke remembers his former mentor and lifelong friend.

A short history of iOS app icons

Since the iPhone's public reveal in 2007, iOS applications have been primarily identified, embodied, and personified by a single piece of artwork: the app icon, a square piece of artwork with masked corner radii.

Spotify comes for audiobooks

The company has ambitious plans to make audiobooks the third pillar of its business.

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey launch "Bitcoin Academy" at rapper's childhood home in Brooklyn

The new Bitcoin Academy will offer classes, including "What is Cryptocurrency," to members of the Marcy Houses community where Jay-Z grew up.

Amazon gets into AR shopping with launch of 'Virtual Try-On for Shoes'

Amazon is tapping into augmented reality in an attempt to appeal to sneakerheads shopping its site.

No, you are not an imposter

As leaders and positive difference-makers, we have the unique opportunity to re-think and reframe impostor syndrome. We should wisely and earnestly understand that everyone loses when we play small, when we do not trust our uniqueness and "enoughness."

Small teams can change the world

These small companies became household names. A great reminder of what can be accomplished by a talented few.

No meetings, no deadlines, no full-time employees

Gumroad is notoriously transparent about their business. This article from a year ago reminds me that there are hundreds of ways to run a company — find what works for you.

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